PlayBox HD; What Makes It Click With Users


PlayBox HD is a lot like other apps of its genre in that it lets users watch and download free movies and TV shows. But it still has a USP in its uniqueness and ease of use. This USP can play out in a lot of ways. Let us see how PlayBox compares with other apps of the genre.

PlayBox; The ultimate showdown:

PlayBox HD is a wonderful app that has been getting more and more popular by the day. But what makes it so amazing? We believe it is a lot of nascent features that might not always be noticeable consciously, but certainly make an impact. Let’s count some of them down:


  • The app’s interface
    Though not salient in the first use itself, the color scheme makes it a lot easier to focus on the movies, the titles or other information you might be viewing. Compared with apps like Popcorn Time, this is a significantly better deal.
  • The Speed of download
    The speed of download is a pretty standard fare. But PlayBox HD allows you to speed up your downloads several times by allowing you to pair it with a dedicated video downloader app. For example, if you were to get TubeMate on your Android device, you can choose “Custom” for each movie after deciding the resolution and then picking TubeMate. This will queue the download via the video downloader and finish it several times faster.
  • The collection of movies
    Playbox has a pretty expansive library of titles. Almost every major movie is present in the collection and available to watch and download for free, along with several other not-so-famous ones. Want to download a movie but cannot find it in the library? Go ahead and request it from the app’s team. It will be uploaded for everyone to see in no time at all!
  • Print Quality
    It is almost impossible to find a bad print on PlayBox. Only once have i seen a “Cam” print on the app, and I am a regular there. The ultimate challenge for any app of this genre is to maintain quality while making yours the quickest update. Even in the face of these challenges, PlayBox has done the best job and made great prints available to their thousands of users.


How about that? I cannot think of a single app that has accomplished these challenging criteria with such ease.

I’m pretty sure you’d want to get this app for your device after having gone through the previous exposition. Well then, here’s how to go about it.


  • Download PlayBox APK
    The app is also known as CinemaBox. Download your apk file from the internet through a simple Google Search of the phrase “PlayBox APK”.
  • Enable installation from outside Play Store
    Android by default prevents installation of apk files from outside Play Store. To enable installation, go to “Security” in the “Settings” menu, and toggle “unknown sources” to turn it on.
  • Run the apk file
    Tap the downloaded file to run it. Accepting permissions will install the app and you will be downloading free movies and TV shows in no time!


I hope this short write-up helped you folks. Hit me up if you have any queries about the app or some critique.


Author: Jenifer Misla