Embedding a Youtube Video into MS PowerPoint 2013

A number of times, a Youtube video may be required in your presentation as it can be a useful tool to increase the effectiveness of your presentation on the audience.

There are two most convenient approaches to do so:

  1. Downloading the Youtube Video manually and adding it to your Presentation.
  2. Embedding a video directly from Youtube into the Presentation by using either Youtube feature or by embedding iFrame code.
  • Embedding a Youtube video directly into your presentation using Youtube feature(Requires Internet connection)

To embed a video directly to your presentation using the Youtube feature in PowerPoint, follow these simple steps.

  1. Open PowerPoint and switch to the Insert tab.


2. Next, click the Video button, and then click Online Video.


3. In the Insert Video popup, if it is your first time adding a Youtube Video, you’ll need to add Youtube as a provider from the bottom left. If you have added it, you should the following snap on your screen.

You can now search for the video you want to embed in the PPT via the search option.

4. After the wizard shows the search results, simply select the required video and click Insert.

You have successfully embedded your Youtube video in your PowerPoint Presentation.

  • Embedding Youtube Video into a presentation using iFrame Code.

To embed a Youtube video using iFrame code,

  1. Find the Youtube video you want to embed, click Share and then click Embed.


2. Next, copy the iFrame code you see.


3. Now, open PowerPoint. In the Insert tab, click Video and then click Online Video.


4. In the Insert Video popup, paste the iFrame code in the From a Video Embed Code field as shown below and hit Enter. The video will be embedded into your presentation.


Well, you are now aware of the two ways to embed a Youtube video into your PowerPoint presentation other than manually downloading the video to add it as a local file. The Youtube feature in MS PowerPoint is the fastest and the most convenient way to embed a Youtube video, whereas the iFrame code provides more playback customization.


Adding a youtube video to your presentation can create a huge difference and make your presentation look better and more informative. For doing so, you can go for any of the two methods explained above. The first method is less time consuming and will take just a couple of seconds whereas the iFrame method will take few more of your seconds but is better for people who want to customize the video and not just add it to the presentation.


Author: Jenifer Misla