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Embedding a Youtube Video into MS PowerPoint 2013

A number of times, a Youtube video may be required in your presentation as it can be a useful tool to increase the effectiveness of your presentation on the audience.

There are two most convenient approaches to do so:

  1. Downloading the Youtube Video manually and adding it to your Presentation.
  2. Embedding a video directly from Youtube into the Presentation by using either Youtube feature or by embedding iFrame code.
  • Embedding a Youtube video directly into your presentation using Youtube feature(Requires Internet connection)

To embed a video directly to your presentation using the Youtube feature in PowerPoint, follow these simple steps.

  1. Open PowerPoint and switch to the Insert tab.


2. Next, click the Video button, and then click Online Video.


3. In the Insert Video popup, if it is your first time adding a Youtube Video, you’ll need to add Youtube as a provider from the bottom left. If you have added it, you should the following snap on your screen.

You can now search for the video you want to embed in the PPT via the search option.

4. After the wizard shows the search results, simply select the required video and click Insert.

You have successfully embedded your Youtube video in your PowerPoint Presentation.

  • Embedding Youtube Video into a presentation using iFrame Code.

To embed a Youtube video using iFrame code,

  1. Find the Youtube video you want to embed, click Share and then click Embed.


2. Next, copy the iFrame code you see.


3. Now, open PowerPoint. In the Insert tab, click Video and then click Online Video.


4. In the Insert Video popup, paste the iFrame code in the From a Video Embed Code field as shown below and hit Enter. The video will be embedded into your presentation.


Well, you are now aware of the two ways to embed a Youtube video into your PowerPoint presentation other than manually downloading the video to add it as a local file. The Youtube feature in MS PowerPoint is the fastest and the most convenient way to embed a Youtube video, whereas the iFrame code provides more playback customization.


Adding a youtube video to your presentation can create a huge difference and make your presentation look better and more informative. For doing so, you can go for any of the two methods explained above. The first method is less time consuming and will take just a couple of seconds whereas the iFrame method will take few more of your seconds but is better for people who want to customize the video and not just add it to the presentation.


Get ShowBox Latest ad free version v4.72

Making money for your hard work isn’t bad. But there is only so much monetisation one can allow without being irked. Unfortunately, ShowBox is already past that critical level. The app is predominantly occupied by ads. Whenever you run a movie or a TV show episode, it must lapse into an ad that needs to be tapped shut. Every time?! It is super irritating when you’re enjoying a marathon of your favorite soap opera. There is simply no restraint!

showbox apk

Thanks to developers on the internet, though, we have a mod apk of the app that has captured hearts. A simple google search of the ShowBox ad free V4.72 will lead you to countless links from which you can get the apk app to install.

How to get ShowBox latest ad free version v4.72 of Android?

Getting the latest ShowBox ad free mod is no rocket science. There is a pretty simple and straightforward procedure you can follow to get it, quite similar to getting the original ShowBox app via its apk file. Here’s what you need to do…

  • Download ShowBox ad free v4.72 from the internet. Google Search for the mod apk file, and you should get a few reliable websites in the search results that offer the apk file for free download. The file is a bit heavy (around 40MB), so be patient while the installation completes.
  • Go to Settings in your Home menu
  • Enter Security.
  • Go to Unknown Sources and toggle to allow it if it isn’t already.
  • You can then go ahead and tap the mod apk file you downloaded to run the setup.
  • Go through the permissions and press Install.
  • The app will be loaded in just a few seconds. Access it whenever you like to watch free movies, TV shows and other choicest content.

There is no match for ShowBox app in the market. It is quick, slick and gets the job done. There are occasional bugs and misomenclature, but they’re more than excused when you’re enjoying free movies and TV shows from your very couch, paying for nothing other than the internet connection. In fact, apps, like Showbox have prompted people to give up cable TV altogether! What is your opinion?


Why PlayBox HD Is Not Your Average Movie Downloader

Many of you must have heard of PlayBox HD. It was very recently rechristened CinemaBox. This app has been around for quite a lot of months now, and its popularity has only climbed over time. PlayBox HD enables you to download and watch free movies and TV shows along with other amazing content. Who wouldn’t love that?

But first, let’s get the basics clear. PlayBox HD is not available for download from the Android Play Store. The app can only be downloaded from third party websites and the official site of the app. Want to know how? Let us explain.

How to Get PlayBox HD for Android:

PlayBox HD is available as an apk file for download. As you must know, APK stands for Android Package. The file contains all the information your Android OS needs to install an app and to execute its functions. This is the file that Google Play Store downloads on your device when you install an app from it. Fortunately, the same file can be downloaded from elsewhere and installed.

PlayBox HD for Android APK is also available online. Go online and search for “PlayBox APK” or “CinemaBox APK”. The file is pretty light so it should not take much time to finish downloading.

You can then disable “Unknown Sources” from the “Security” tab in your “Settings”. All that remains is to run the apk file and agree to the permissions to install the app. Your app will be ready to show you latest movies and TV show episodes in no time!

What makes PlayBox amazing:

Every app calls itself the best. Which app do you choose? You can go for anyone. I went for PlayBox for a lot of reasons. Here are some of them. Hope you will find them helpful.

  • PlayBox HD is a lot easier to run. The app’s layout and interface are not stressful or slow like with Play View, which takes far too much time to open.
  • The app has fewer ads than many other of the genre. This keeps the user focussed on the content playing or being browsed instead of irritating entries of ads for the randomest things.
  • CinemaBox has a large collection of movies, TV shows, anime, cartoons, documentaries and so much more. The best part about the app is the regular updating that is carried out by the dedicated team to keep bad links at bay as well as to add latest content.
  • If that wasn’t enough, the app allows you to watch as well as download movies from the internet. You can download many movies simultaneously and also watch one on the side. It is quite better than many that allow one task at a time, though the speed depends on the internet connection.
  • Customisability and screen casting are two major highlights of the app. You have to try them out for yourself!
  • To top it all off, PlayBox HD can be paired with a dedicated video downloader app like Vidmate or TubeMate which can give a boost to the speed of download. This can come in handy when you have a large-sized video to download. No need to spend half an hour downloading the video; just a few minutes will do!

Needless to say, PlayBox HD is one of the best apps you can use. There is no comparison to the app’s utility, customisability and efficiency.

Did we leave something out? Do make sure to tell us in the comments below!


PlayBox HD; What Makes It Click With Users


PlayBox HD is a lot like other apps of its genre in that it lets users watch and download free movies and TV shows. But it still has a USP in its uniqueness and ease of use. This USP can play out in a lot of ways. Let us see how PlayBox compares with other apps of the genre.

PlayBox; The ultimate showdown:

PlayBox HD is a wonderful app that has been getting more and more popular by the day. But what makes it so amazing? We believe it is a lot of nascent features that might not always be noticeable consciously, but certainly make an impact. Let’s count some of them down:


  • The app’s interface
    Though not salient in the first use itself, the color scheme makes it a lot easier to focus on the movies, the titles or other information you might be viewing. Compared with apps like Popcorn Time, this is a significantly better deal.
  • The Speed of download
    The speed of download is a pretty standard fare. But PlayBox HD allows you to speed up your downloads several times by allowing you to pair it with a dedicated video downloader app. For example, if you were to get TubeMate on your Android device, you can choose “Custom” for each movie after deciding the resolution and then picking TubeMate. This will queue the download via the video downloader and finish it several times faster.
  • The collection of movies
    Playbox has a pretty expansive library of titles. Almost every major movie is present in the collection and available to watch and download for free, along with several other not-so-famous ones. Want to download a movie but cannot find it in the library? Go ahead and request it from the app’s team. It will be uploaded for everyone to see in no time at all!
  • Print Quality
    It is almost impossible to find a bad print on PlayBox. Only once have i seen a “Cam” print on the app, and I am a regular there. The ultimate challenge for any app of this genre is to maintain quality while making yours the quickest update. Even in the face of these challenges, PlayBox has done the best job and made great prints available to their thousands of users.


How about that? I cannot think of a single app that has accomplished these challenging criteria with such ease.

I’m pretty sure you’d want to get this app for your device after having gone through the previous exposition. Well then, here’s how to go about it.


  • Download PlayBox APK
    The app is also known as CinemaBox. Download your apk file from the internet through a simple Google Search of the phrase “PlayBox APK”.
  • Enable installation from outside Play Store
    Android by default prevents installation of apk files from outside Play Store. To enable installation, go to “Security” in the “Settings” menu, and toggle “unknown sources” to turn it on.
  • Run the apk file
    Tap the downloaded file to run it. Accepting permissions will install the app and you will be downloading free movies and TV shows in no time!


I hope this short write-up helped you folks. Hit me up if you have any queries about the app or some critique.